5 maja 2022

Webinar CeBaM 19.05.2022: Ukrainian labour, paperwork markets and humanitarianism before and during the Russian invasion

5 maja 2022 | Karolina Dziubata

Centre for Migration Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań invites you to this month’s webinar which will be given by Daria Krivonos titled “Ukrainian labour, paperwork markets and humanitarianism before and during the Russian invasion”. Date: Thursday 19th of May 2022, 10:00 to 11:30 (CET), online (zoom)Everyone is welcome and you can register here:


Daria Krivonos is a sociologist and a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre of Excellence in Law, Identity and the European Narratives, University of Helsinki. Daria’s research interests include migration, racialisation, class, and labour. She conducted ethnographic research in Helsinki and Warsaw. Her work has been published in Sociology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, The Sociological Review, Current Sociology.


The presentation offers a long duree perspective on Ukrainian migration and focuses on the longer-term role of precarious Ukrainian labour in the EU economy. Drawing on the ethnographic research in Warsaw in 2020, I analyse the ways Ukrainian migrant workers used to challenge the regime of labour, racialisation and administrative bordering. In my talk, I examine the politics of escape from immigration controls and labour discipline. While borders and immigration controls aim at disciplining migrant workers, making them productive and cutting the routes to longer-term residence, Ukrainian migrant workers used to subvert and desert from control and subordination through the use of the informal paperwork market. These tactics of subversion draw attention to the everyday attempts to resist and transform migration policy objectives by escaping the discipline of labour and subverting the logic of capital. The presentation also offers some reflection on the current “inclusion” of Ukrainian refugees, and argues that contrary to the representation of refugees as passive recipients of humanitarian assistance, European markets have always benefited from the racialised transnational division of labour.This meeting will be conducted in English and will be recorded. By participating in this webinar hosted by the Centre for Migration Studies, you automatically agree to authorise recording of audio and visual content presented during the live event and consent to subsequent use of the recording in the public domain.

See you there!

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