18 maja 2022

THE SETTLED NOMADISM-2022 joint summer school programme

18 maja 2022 | Karolina Dziubata

THE SETTLED NOMADISM-2022 is a summer school program coordinated by National University of Mongolia (NUM), a partner of the URGENT project and the coordinator of the ONE project, both funded by ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union, for urban resilience, adaptation and sustainable environmental management. A summer school is jointly organized by two projects, namely Urban resilience and adaptation for India and Mongolia – URGENT and European orientation for sustainable environmental management in Mongolia – ONE projects, in the Ulaanbaatar city, Mongolia between 15 and 28 July 2022. During the summer school, the participants will acquire the skills and knowledge about European Union environmental innovation (including management, policy, financial instruments) and understanding of the urban ecology-environment, green-blue infrastructure and nature-based solutions.

The objective of the summer school:

To serves as a training and knowledge exchange opportunity for domestic teaching staff, who will, together with EU colleagues, develop a detailed syllabus and teaching & learning contents, set-up case studies, jointly teach, and co-supervise student research groups.


The Summer school open call announces through websites and social medias of the projects’ partners in May 2022, and registration finished by 10 June 2022 via online platform http://registration.num.edu.mn/Home/Programs.

Duration: 14 days (15th July – 28th July, 2022)

Registration deadline: 10 June 2022

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