15 października 2018

Seminarium naukowe 22 października 2018

15 października 2018 | Agata Stanisz

Instytut Etnologii i Antropologii Kulturowej zaprasza na pierwsze w semestrze zimowym seminarium naukowe, na którym gościć będziemy dr Gabriele Weichart z Instytutu Antropologii Kulturowej i Społecznej na Uniwersytecie Wiedeńskim.


poniedziałek, 22 października 2018 roku, godzina 10:00, sala 2.19 / Monday, October 22nd, 10:00 am

The Material and the Social: Vernacular Architecture in Transformation

Dr. Gabriele Weichart, Institut für Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie, Universität Wien


This paper presents two case studies in Indonesia where the traditional vernacular architecture is in the process of being transformed, adapted and often substituted by modern building styles. Many of these architectural transformations are closely related to sociocultural, economic and environmental changes in the regions. Furthermore, natural disasters and subsequent reconstruction measures have had a great impact on building developments. While the paper describes some of the main changes in form and material of houses in rural areas, it also offers explanations from an anthropological perspective and highlights the connection between architecture, society and culture. I will argue that the socially constructed division between the material and the immaterial is no longer valid. In order to gain a thor­ough understanding of the complexities involved in social and material processes, anthropologists and architects need to work in close cooperation and in interdisciplinary research projects.