24 lutego 2021

Seminarium: SECURe – Subsurface Evaluation of Carbon capture and storage and Unconventional risks

24 lutego 2021 | Karolina Dziubata

Zapraszamy na kolejne spotkanie z cyklu Instytutowe Seminaria Antropologiczne organizowanego przez Instytut Antropologii i Etnologii UAM w Poznaniu. Spotykamy się w każdy wtorek w godz. 09:30-11:00 na platformie MS Teams.

link do kanału: https://tinyurl.com/ybf9pr3k

link do spotkania: https://tinyurl.com/4mwcy2rz

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Aleksandra Lis, Katarzyna Iwińska, Krzysztof Mączka

Subsurface Evaluation of CCS and Unconventional Risks (SECURe) is gathering unbiased, impartial scientific evidence for risk mitigation and monitoring for environmental protection to underpin subsurface geoenergy development. The main outputs of SECURe comprise recommendations for best practice for unconventional hydrocarbon production and geological CO2 storage. The project is funded from June 2018–May 2021.

The project is developing monitoring and mitigation strategies for the full geoenergy project lifecycle; by assessing plausible hazards and monitoring associated environmental risks. This is achieved through a program of experimental research and advanced technology development that includes demonstration at commercial and research facilities to formulate best practice. We will meet stakeholder needs; from the design of monitoring and mitigation strategies relevant to operators and regulators, to developing communication strategies to provide a greater level of understanding of the potential impacts.

The SECURe partnership comprises major research and commercial organisations from countries that host shale gas and CCS industries at different stages of operation (from permitted to closed). We are forming a durable international partnership with non-European groups; providing international access to study sites, creating links between projects and increasing our collective capability through exchange of scientific staff.