30 listopada 2023

Seminarium 05.12.2023 / Aleksandra Lis-Plesińska, Rafał Szymanowski, Marek Jaskólski 

30 listopada 2023 | Karolina Dziubata

Serdecznie zapraszamy na seminarium naukowe w dniu 05.12.2023o godz. 09:30 w sali 2.122.

Aleksandra Lis-Plesińska, Rafał Szymanowski, Marek Jaskólski 

Transition imaginaries: expectations of the state project of an electric vehicle in Poland  

Two elements of sustainable transitions have been considered undertheorized in multi-level-perspective: landscape and state. We present the concept of “transitionimaginary” to account for both – the landscape and the state – and the relation betweenthem. With a case study of the Polish project of an EV IZERA, we illustrate a modelwhich helps understand how landscape pressures are mediated by nationalsociotechnical imaginaries (STIs) with the active role of the state in this process. Stateactors with political or economic stakes in the project, publicly express expectationsabout its benefits and its national meaning to consolidate the social base for it, whileother actors become interested in verifying and challenging these expectations. Fromthese interactions, transition imaginary emerges. By applying the strategic-relationalapproach to state power developed by Bob Jessop, we unpack sustainable transitionsas state projects of political power and a geographically specific modality of statecapitalism.

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