1 czerwca 2018

The world of encounters. The role of migration and ethnicity in the contemporary world

Aleksander Posern-Zieliński (red.)

  • Seria wydawnicza: 
  • Wydawnictwo: Wydawnictwo Instytutu im. Oskara Kolberga
  • Rok wydania: 2017
  • ISBN: 9788394555726
  • Liczba stron: 145

„The collection of essays published in the book reflects a geographical and thematic diversity of current interest of Polish anthropologists. The topic here discussed are stricly related to the important idea of „encounters” between different cultures, religions, values, mentalities, existential experiences and ethnic groups. This general theme has been always at the center of anthropological sciences, witch are trying to understand the nature of culture contacts and the following changes. There is no doubt, that this task has been extremly important in the past research as well as in current studies. Such confrontations of different „worlds”, despite their potential positive effects, generate also many unexpected changes, conflicts and social problems. Both these contradictory tendencies create constant and neverending challenges for anthropological interpretations. (…)”


Introduction, Aleksander Posern-Zieliński, 9

Tarzycjusz Buliński, School as a Way of Gaining Access to Goods: the E`ñepá Case, Venezuelan Amazonia, 11

Karolina Bielenin-Lenczowska, Selected Aspects of  the Cultural Heritage of Polish-origin Brazilians in Brazil, 33

Ewa Banasiewicz-Ossowska, The Socio-cultural Identity of Young Wrocław Jews, 47

Kataryzna Mirgos, „I want my children to be from here”. The Basque Language and Imigrant Integration in the Basque Autonomous Community, 59

Natalia Bloch, Beyond Integration. Tibetan Diaspora’s Separation Strategy in Multicultural India, 75

Anna Szymoszyn, Mt. Lailas as a Contemporary Multicultural Icon, 97

Magdalena Yatorska, Local Interpretations of Hasidic Pilgrimage to Poland and Ukraine (Lelov, Liyhensk, Uman), 123