31 maja 2018

Między indygenizmem a indianizmem. Andyjscy Indianie na drodze do etnorozwoju

Aleksander Posern-Zieliński

  • Seria wydawnicza: Etnologia i Antropologia Kulturowa - Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu
  • Wydawnictwo: Wydawnictwo Naukowe UAM
  • Rok wydania: 2005
  • ISBN: 83-232-1370-4
  • Liczba stron: 204

The book Between Indigenism and Indianism. Andean Indians on their road to ethnodevelopment explores the challenges that have faced the indigenous peoples since the last decade of the 20th century. It gives an anthropological interpretation of the major ethnopolitical and ethnocultural changes, which have had a great impact on the native population inhabiting three South American countries: Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. The author, Polish latinamericanist provides a many-sided analysis of how the emancipatory tendencies have been developed among different indigenous groups. The relationships between the Indian activism, redefined ethnicity and socio-political changes are central topics. On that general background the impact of globalization on the strategy of native movements, the role of new indigenous leaders and the significance of the emerging native middle class have been stressed. Special attention has been also devoted to the pluralistic structure of the Bolivian society, to the ethnic policy and multiculturalistic ideology in Ecuador, as well as to the ethnic conflict in the town of Otavalo over the use of indigenous tradition and symbols.