Student Research Group (SKNE)

The Bronisław Piłsudski Student Research Circle of Ethnologists provides a space for students of ethnology and cultural anthropology to develop their interests and undertake research initiatives. Anthropology as a holistic discipline of culture and society provides extensive knowledge of the human world and its activities. The scope of interest of ethnology/anthropology includes field research conducted all over the globe, the results of which are presented in various ways. The Circle’s task is to present these results, also to a wider, non-academic audience. As a result, we undertake initiatives which introduce anthropology and ethnology as a scientific discipline into the public space. These include EtnoWiaraGada, photo exhibitions, film screenings and panel discussions. Members of the Circle are also involved in the activities of the National Ethnology Protest and other grassroots movements aimed at protecting the environment or working for equality and respect for human rights. As a Circle we are open to new ideas and initiatives – anthropology is a field where everyone can find their interests.

Continuous initiatives undertaken by SKNE:

Scientific conferences:

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