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dr Katarzyna Byłów

Post-Doc, CeBaM


Office hours:


  • migrations and adaptive processes that accompany migration among refugees, economic migrants, people returning home after migration and repatriates
  • impact of migration on the educational experience, outcomes and trajectories of children and young people
  • education in the context of cultural diversity, inclusion of national and ethnic minorities, migrants, refugees, repatriates and expats in education related programs, policies and activities.

(2015) Byłów-Antkowiak, K. „Droga umysłu we współczesnym szkolnictwie tybetańskim na uchodźstwie”. In T. Buliński & M. Rakoczy (eds) Communicare: Almanach Antropologiczny, Warszawa: Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego

  • Good beginnings, promising futures. Children with migration backgrounds in polish schools led by Professor Elżbieta Goździak, (3.10.2022-2.10.2026), funded through: NCN, OPUS programme, postdoctoral researcher
  • Grant title: Second person issues in contemplative life – (zhe sa) polite talk, (), (tsemo) teasing and debating dyads in a Tibetan Buddhist non-monastic educational setting, Mind and Life Francisco J. Varela Research Award (Europe), Grant # 2015-EVarela-Bylow-Antkowiak, (2016 – 2018), grant holder -researcher

Conference papers:

  • (2017) Karmic Metaphysics in Tibetan Buddhist Upbringing and Early-Years Pedagogy, Mind and Life Summer Research Institute, June 2017, Garrison, New York;
  • (2016) UNICEF on the Campus: Perspectives Talk (St Andrews, September 2016)
  • (2015) Tibetan Buddhist dialectical debate in lay educational practice, Mind & Life European Summer Research Institute, August 2015, Fraueninsel, Germany
  • (2015) Making History Through Bodies in a Tibetan Children Village in India: Leadership, Authority and Legitimation in South Asia, November 20-21, 2015, CRASSH, University of Cambridge.
  • (2014) ‘Riglam’ – Teaching Tibetan Buddhist Dialectics to refugee children in a Tibetan Children Village in India; October 30, 2014, Centre for the Study of Religion and Politics, School of Divinity, University of St Andrews.


  • Daughters of Dolma (2013), feature-length documentary. Director: Adam Miklos, Fieldwork supervisor: Katarzyna Byłów