wdoh za młodu

prof. UAM dr hab. Wojciech Dohnal

Associate Professor, Section of Theory and Methodology of Anthropology

Room: 2.11
Phone: 61 829 13 69
E-mail: wdoh@amu.edu.pl

Office hours:

Monday 09:00-10:30


Dr hab. Wojciech Dohnal is an associate professor in the Section of European Studies and Cultural Critique of the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. He currently holds the position of the Deputy Head of the Department and the Chair of the Secition, he has experience in fieldwork (West Africa, Kazakhstan, the Balkans, Poland), he is an author of several books, articles, and chapters on the history of anthropology, political and urban anthropology.

Research Interests: political anthropology, history of anthropological thought, anthropological theory and methodology, urban studies, Polish society & politics.

Research Areas: Europe, Poland

Between the Ethnography of the Country and the Anthropology of Contemporaneity: On the Life and Work of Professor Józef Burszta, in: Sterile and Isolated? An Anthropology today in Hungary and Poland, W. Kuligowski, R. Papp (eds.), p. 13-26, Poznań.

From Primitive Politics to Postpolitics. The History of Anglo-Saxon Political Anthropology, Poznań: Nauka i Innowacje, pp. 238.

An Inter-generational Perspective on Pleszew and Its Residents, Poznań: Centrum “Instytut Wielkopolski”, pp. 180 [co-authors: J. Bednarski, J. Schmidt].

Borne Sulinowo – anthropology of the ‘city in creation’, Český Lid vol. 98, No. 1, pp. 191-206. [co-author: A. Pomieciński]

Political anthropology, yesterday and today: on the historical variability of the concept of ‘politics’, Ethnologia Polona, vol. 31-32, pp. 5-22.