prof. dr hab. Waldemar Kuligowski

Associate Professor, Section of Cultural Anthropology

Room: 2.8
Phone: 61 829 13 66

Office hours:

Tuesday 11:00-12:00


Theories of culture; reflexive anthropology, critique anthropology; anthropological poetics; festivals and festivalisation; anthropology of modernization. Research Areas: Europe, Poland, Americas

Co-edited monographs

  1. (with A. Pomieciński) Art in contemporary cultural systems: Central and Eastern Europe, Wydawnictwo Nauka i Innowacje, Poznań 2014, pp. 196.
  2. (with R. Papp) Sterile and Isolated? An Anthropology Today in Hungary and Poland, Wydawnictwo TIPI, Poznań 2015, pp. 182.
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Articles in journals

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Articles in monographs

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Music, values, culture. Jarocin re-study (2015), Ministry of Science and Higher Scholarship,  (principal investigator)

Moving modernizations. The Influence of the A2 Motorway on the Local Cultural Landscape (2014-2017), National Sciences Center (principal investigator)

Adam Mickiewicz University as a participating university – progressing model cooperation between university and its socio-economic surroundings (2016-2018), Ministry of Science and Higher Scholarship (investigator)

Pulteram – living tradition in Wielkopolska (2017), Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (investigator)

Socio-spatial transformations in German-Polish „interstices”. Practices of debordering and rebordering (2016-2018), National Sciences Center (expert)