Adam Mickiewicz University has a three cycle model of higher-education qualifications established in in the EU framework established in the course of the Bologna Process. International exchange and Erasmus students can choose from the wide range of courses offered in English and other languages.

The full list of courses in English offered by the Adam Mickiewicz University is available here. Courses offered by our Faculty are listed under the „Historical Studies” tab. International students can also study courses offered in Polish. For further information please see the AMU International Students website:

We offer a  Master’s Program in the Anthropology – Cultural Differences and Transnational Processes in collaboration with leading European anthropology departments. The deadline for applications is September 30, 2020.  A description of the program and application requirements are available here

For further information about the CREOLE application please contact Dr Jan Lorenz , the programme coordinator. In case of Dr Lorenz’s leave, please send your inquiry to Ms Joanna Sokalska  from the Students Services Centre and Prof. Aleksandra Lis