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„Tradycja” z tubylczego punktu widzenia. Współczesność a przeszłość w dyskursie i praktykach Indian Moré z Amazonii boliwijskiej

"Tradition" from the native point of view. The present and the past in discourse and praxis of Moré Indians from Bolivian Amazon

Fundator: Narodowe Centrum Nauki

Sources of funding: National Science Centre

Project ID: 2015/17/N/HS3/00078

Funcion: Main coordinator



The subject of research is native understanding of tradition as manifested both in discourse and practice of indigenous people in Amazonia. I choose Moré Indians as an ethnographic example which is related to the problem of research. The research problem could be addressed as a question like: how notion of tradition is understood by so called "acculturated" native Amazonian populations? The aim of research is to know whether and in what sense the past (and more specifically the ancestors way of life) plays a role in the process of self-identification of contemporary Moré Indians. I make assumptions based on my preliminary research (2008, 2014) among Moré Indians. I assume that current Moré Indians maintain their social identity as a native group. I assume that exist some criteria by which this identity is constructed. I would like to search if notion of tradition is one of those criteria. That’s why I would like to reconstruct native understanding of tradition (and related topics as native notion of past, ancestors, difference and change). I assume that native understanding of tradition may radically differ from our Western understanding of tradition. I lean on two research hypotheses, which I would like to verify in the course of empirical research. The first hypothesis assume the past plays an important role in the process of self-identification among Amazonian Indians. However from native point of view the past is not perceived as positive which contradicts the traditional attitude (Gow 1991). The second hypothesis assume that from the native point of view, more important than focusing on that which make similar to the ancestors is positive perception of alterity and everything that makes possible to live in a different way (Viveiros de Castro 2011; Vilaça 2010).


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