W poniedziałek, 30 października 2017, o godzinie 15:00, prof. Michał Buchowski wygłosi wykład pt. "Class and Xenophobia in Europe at the Time of Refugee Crisis" w European University Institute we Florencji. Wykład został zorganizowany w ramach serii seminariów ‘History and Social Sciences’ przez profesora Alexandra Etkinda oraz profesor Stéphane van Damme.



Abstrakt wystąpienia:


The issue of contemporary migrant-phobia, and Islamophobia in Central and Eastern Europe is addressed. The argument is based on the assumption that both historical developments and contemporary socio-economic circumstances condition responses to immigration in post-socialist societies. The combination of several factors has led to the emergence of xenophobic attitudes towards ethnic and religious “distant Others”. These phenomena are interpreted in anthropological terms of cultural apartheid and fundamentalism. The figure of ‘distant Others’ is considered as a rhetorical device which helps to create exclusive moral unity of the ‘true patriots’ opposed to ‘internal Others’, i.e. ‘pinkos/left wingers’, ‘gender ideologists’, and ‘cosmopolitans’.



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