ksiazka pomiecinski art


Art in Contemporary Cultural Systems.
Central and Eastern Europe

Waldemar Kuligowski, Adam Pomieciński (eds.)
Wydawnictwo Nauka i Innowacje, Poznań 2014

The book presents views of ethnologists and cultural anthropologists from Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and the Czech Republic. [...] In our view, art is associated with two senses of anthropological notion of cuture: culture as a whole way of life, and culture as the metaphoric essence of society. In the first sense, art is connected with local forms of knowledge, beliefs, norms, technologies and agencies. Art in the second sense became the vehicle of values, ideas and visions of the world; art is not machine to life but form of life. In their deepest sense, works of art make social world on many levels and in many meanings. Art is essential part of everyday life, not only epiphenomenal dimension of it. From this perspective, the study of art is interdisciplinary field still open to new interpretations and new (mis)understanding.

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