Rethinking ethnography in central europe
Autor: pod redakcją: Hana Cervinkova, Michal Buchowski, Zdenek Uherek
Tytuł: Rethinking Ethnography in Central Europe
Seria: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 9781137524508
Liczba stron: 161
Rok wydania: 2015

Rethinking Ethnography in Central Europe examines the concerns surrounding the furthering of anthropological insights into issues such as global economic and cultural dependencies, mobilities, citizens activism, social movements, and how these articulate at the local level. Eleven ethnographies focus on different aspects of transnational mobilities as they affect people living in or coming from Central Europe, and on new developments in the area of activist and expert knowledges in institutions, new movements, and grass root organizations. Finally, the editors and their contributors explore the economic, social, and political aspects of post-socialist modernities, to help deepen and expand our understanding of contemporary Central Europe and new anthropological production in and on this geopolitical area.

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